Inspiration: Newton Running

So recently I needed new running shoes and I was dragging my feet a bit to make a decision. It was more about staying with a type of shoe I have always run with or trying something new. In an effort to think out of the box a bit... try some new technology while fine tuning my running style a bit… I went with Newtons. I've been following the blog, The Running Front by Newton for a couple years now and felt that Newton would provide me with a shoe I was looking for.  In the least I felt they were a shoe design that addressed foot shape and performance (not all shoes create a wide shoe). Since I've gotten them about two weeks ago, I've put some miles down and I'm still stoked. The "Action/Reaction Technology" in combination with a wide shoe, (the The Sir Isaac's, seems like just the right shoe for me. After years as a gymnast I have a foot structure with lower than normal arches and a considerably wider foot. The Newtons have been solid thus far as it's a shoe that accommodates both areas. They do seem to have a little less heal coverage than my last shoe but I'm not convinced at this time that's a bad thing for me.   I'm running the Chicago 10k benefiting Livestrong foundation in August and I'll be looking forward to using them there. I'm not planning on winning or anything but the new kicks are sure going to make my run more enjoyable. It'll also be interesting to run on another surface. I also gotta throw out a huge thanks to the Newton team for making my order happen. I had to phone it in old school. Good times.   If you run, hope you get out this weekend…hopefully some new projects on the blog next weekend but as always, busy times behind the desk, so we'll see. Go running, go Newton!