I'm Back!

Well hello there. It's been awhile right? It's been over a year since some of my last posts but this is going to change... new posts and new work are coming. And coming soon. With luck I hope to have regular posts of 2-3 a week with various lengths and forms content.

Many hours behind the desk at IU have been spent working on things related to GVSU and teaching. Now, my time at GV has shifted, working less in the classroom and now re-focusing back onto my own photographic work. More time will be spent on IU and Where's The Film (wheresthefilm.com coming soon!). 10 Journal (www.10journal.com) will also become a major point of interest. And work will continue with reDiscovering the Grand (rediscoveringthegrand.com) with various posts and new images on that respective site.

Many good things are afoot so we'll see what happens! More to come...

Sooner than later.

A new fresh portfolio will be on it's way soon with new work and all sorts of things.

Random iPhone shots and vBlog posts will hopefully make it on here too...

Like this!

Photographing in CA for fun.

Photographing in CA for fun.