Basil Bob

Lately things have been busy. There's no other way to put it. Getting a moment behind the desk to settle into a rhythm has been challenging. To add to the stress of personal day-to-day norms, the news hasn't been great either. Upon reflection, the news was probably never about "feeling good" but it's been truly trying lately.

Thankfully there's lots of good in life and one of the many things has been the introduction of a house plant. Basil Bob happens to be a very tiny joy in what has been a stressful time. Basil Bob is a seed container that I purchased probably... over a year ago... probably longer, and promptly forgot about in the armrest of my car. It was an impulse buy for $2.50, on clearance, in a checkout line at Lowes, or Home Depot, or something...could have been Meijers (it was so long I don't remember). For ages, it sat there. Hot car. Cold car. It sat there in the armrest of my car.

Recently I found Bob while looking for my water bottle (sadly still lost), and thinking the seeds had long ago passed, planted them anyway in the interest of curiosity. And after a week or so, they sprouted. I've always been in awe of nature, Mountains out West, Oceans on the coasts... Even on the extremely small scale, like basel growing in a plastic cup. But since planting they have sprouted and grown rather well.

It makes me tremendously happy that Bob has grown. And yes, there is something odd about calling multiple plants Bob, or personalizing plants at all, but nothing's perfect. All-in-all how can you not be enamored by a name like Basil Bob?

As I think about it, giving up on the seeds would have been a little easy and seen as mostly reasonable. In the same vain, letting the news and day-to-day dealings bring me down would have been easy. And I'm aware that maybe the idea is a bit trite in the scheme of current affairs, global politics, and life in general, a house plant is not those things... but small steps... not giving up on the seeds, not feeling glum about news... it proves that action and a little love will always bring more joy than not. And more joy, no matter the form, is better. #tuesdaythoughts

More to follow...