Michigan Fall

Lake Michigan is looking pretty fall-ish these days.

I'm really into slow shutter speeds lately. This is a rather beautiful image from Northern Michigan. There's been a lot of travel lately but it seems things are going to slow down for a bit. Hopefully I'll be able to dive into a few images sitting on my drive that I haven't had a chance to look at. That being said, it's the weekend. Have a good one. More to follow...

Past and Present

There's always things afoot, but lately it seems there's a lot going on. Always bouncing from one thing to the next. I've been spending the evenings editing and going through old work. It's been fun to think about how my craft and vision have changed with time. It's been insightful to say the least. Here's a quick one from one of my favorite places to stand an make an image. Lake Michigan is incredibly big and beautiful, I'm always compelled to make an image. I'm looking forward to capturing more landscape work. It's something I haven't been spending enough time doing. More to follow...

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

The Everday Artisanal

I often think about how so much of our lives is manufactured. How many machines make the things we use, eat, and share. To move away from that usually involves a cost. To get back to the handmade we usually have to spend money to involve the person. Lately I've been enjoying more and more Lattes and it struck me while waiting for mind, that this is the simplest most wonderful ways to get back to the handmade. For the 3 minutes or so the barestia labored to create this thing for me. Both tasty and beautiful. Artisanal. Whenever I get a latte I'm incredibility thankful to share my gratitude with the person who made it and enjoy the moment to drink it.

Have a good Sunday. Hopefully your day is full of friends and family... and perhaps, a latte.