friday distraction

Friday Distraction: Slow Motion Surfing

It's been a busy week on the IconBlog...from postings announcing the format change to wordpress to the release of the first artist interview featuring Daniel George...time is short indeed. I couldn't decide on a tune to post this friday because this week turned out to be pretty much "epic" in terms of fresh stuff but I did stumble across this awesome slow mo shot from BBC Two that I wanted to get out there. I'm a sucker for super slow motion photography so naturally I was taken by it. Doubly so because it deals with surfing which someday I hope to try. The whole segment makes me think of summer too and that's never bad. But check it out if you have 2 min. Someday I'll film something like this. I've got all sorts of tricksy ideas for slow mo and I know the BBC is going to call me to put those into production...right BBC? The line happens to be free, you should call now BBC. Anyway, just check the clip...

So awesome. Have a safe weekend out there.


UPCOMING: Look back next week for interviews featuring Christin Boggs and Ryan Ball...two artists doing fantastic work.