A Moment Behind The Desk

Everything in the world of media is a battle for time. There's no question about it. Planning, production, results...everything has it's own time demands. I'm always in awe of people who appear to have a seamless workflow where immediacy and result meet.

In the world of social media I am not that photographer. Projects clear and are usually unmentioned until much later (unless those that I'm working with have stated otherwise). I also think way to much about what I like to post and what I should post. It's a constant battle. Others would argue that there isn't a difference but I disagree. However much I like the food at say, Donkey, a food snap doesn't add to my media stream. But I really want to post stuff like that.

Anyway, a conversation for the ages I suppose.

The image here of Megan is from FOREVER ago but I really like it. It was a different take on post for me. I wanted it somewhat ephemeral. Overall very soft.

Megan Oliver Web.jpg

It was good to have a moment behind the desk to share an image from forever ago. More to follow...have a good weekend out there..