Inspiration: Bamboo Bottle

Normally I don't look towards products for "inspiration" but recently I was on a quest for non-plastic, eco friendly water bottle. I was using an old Voss water bottle (because of it's glass construction, I think they are all plastic now) but it felt extremely vulnerable to a knock that would cause it to break in my bag. Now, nothing is impervious to the unthinkable (broken h2o bottle in the bag) but I wanted to get close. My internet search yielded several glass options but none seemed to protect the bottle (and yes, going plastic like Kor was another option but I was really bent on glass). However, after a little searching I came across the bamboo bottle co..  Apparently released in 2010, there's some chatter out there about the's too heavy, too hard to screw the lid on, if you don't put the lid on and turn it upside down after you fill it you won't know if it leaks, too big for a cup holder...ect. I see those things as a non-issue. I think I'll be able to get the lid on in such a way I can get it not to leak. I guess time will tell there.   As of now, it seems to be the perfect solution. The renewable bamboo shell protects the recyclable, removable glass insert. That's what I wanted. Glass. It's not for cold, hot, or beverages other than water, so I feel I don't have to worry about bottle condensation. I will agree, it's a bit bigger but not obnoxiously big. It's actually a bit smaller than the Voss bottle I was using. And that was the goal for me, replace the Voss bottle while gaining a glass bottle that was protected from the occasional knock.   And this feels like the bottle. I realize I've had it for about less than 48 hours but thus far I'm really pleased with it. I can't help but look at it and wonder where we'll go next (if I can be so facetious as giving the bottle a persona). Check out the site for more details if you're thinking about a new bottle. I should probably state I'm not being paid to endorse this or market the bottle in anyway, I simply felt compelled to share. And it's Friday, so we need something fun to talk about.     Have a good weekend. Be safe out there.