Pictures Of Me

I am continually wondering how many images of me exist that I'm unaware of.

It goes without saying that everyday there a lot of photos uploaded to the internet. A quick google search will tell you that 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram per day. 95 million. Per day. That's a lot.

I don't believe there are 95 million pictures of me, thankfully, but there are more than I know about. Case in point is this wonderful little snap of me at the Phase One XF Gallery Tour. I had no idea that existed. Fun moment though.

Screen Shot.png

It's a nice "action shot" of me looking at a ridiculously awesome and incredibly expensive Arca-Swiss C1 Cube. Amazing compact tripod head with geared motion for fine, specific in camera movements. Made me want to photograph architecture immediately. Speaking of architecture, I'm looking forward to dropping a few architecture images on the blog from a recent project. I'm very happy with the way everything turned out.

Anyway, all this to say it was a productive day with PhaseOne and I had to laugh a little bit when I saw myself. More to follow...