BookArt: A video book review by Jörg M. Colberg

This is a post by Jörg M. Colberg originally posted on the up-and-coming Google+ (now G+ or has it always been G+?) talking about a photo book. It's an interesting, straight forward "experiment" (his description) about how to incorporate video with a book (review). It really makes me want to head to ebay and do a little digging but I assume my search will not yield instant gold the first time (so mine is going to take a bit of digging). I do think I'm going to look about a bit and see if I can't come up with something of the same to share. I like this idea a lot. Until I get my own interesting video up about a book, enjoy his…   Here is the G+ link but also the embedded youtube video:

    For those of you wondering…I have yet to join G+

I happen to like the suspense.