Follow Up: SPE National, 2011, Atlanta

Another year, another national SPE conference come and gone. And while this is an incredibly late blog post I want to start out by saying thank you to all SPE employees and volunteers working hard, dedicating time, upfront and behind-the-scenes to make it all come together. A tip of the hat to all of you. The odd thing about this conference, and one or two in the past, is how little photographing I actually do. I used to photography quite a bit and I always go with the intent to photograph as much as I possibly can, but when the event actually happens, I fail in almost every way to break out the camera. Clearly I'm no photojournalist. Or maybe I am but simply should never get the assignments in which I would rather participate than photograph. What-ever-the-case, I believe at SPE I try to become a man of the people. With this conference, as with so many in the past, I had the pleasure to meet tons of artists creating fantastic work. I even have the honor to feature some of their work on this blog in the coming weeks as part of my ongoing artist series.

The whole conference was a fantastic opportunity to see some of the wonderful things happening in art + photography. Until I get the discussions together, I wanted to post the cards from those I directly met. To all of you: it was fantastic to talk with you and see what you were working on.      

      On one last note, some quick shout outs.   Christin Boggs - awesome talk, really well done, maybe I'll speak at SPE someday : ) but until then, I totally enjoyed hanging out + talking art. Andy Super - Sorry man we never got that chance to sit down and have a chat. Where does the time go?? Drop me a line sometime. William Knipscher - your coffee stain print haunts my morning with memories of beauty, I thought the simplicity of that was great. It was wonderful to see your work. Lisette DeBoisblanc - congratulations on the solo show! Again, that's great! And to all the others, don't worry, I love you too : )   Look for new artists and some great conversations to develop on the website in the near future.   Cheers.