Artist: Emily Mansfield

I've known Emily for awhile now and she's even one of the contributing factors to helping me get some of my own work done. When I had a rather unfortunate bike accident and needed to load a 44in roll of paper onto a printer she offered a hand. Tricky indeed. Anyway, she has moved to Maine and got involved with the legendary crew at the Maine Media Workshops. In the process of working within that program she has been creating on a new body of black and white work. She's been awesome enough to share a preview of what she's been up to. If you have two seconds stop by her site as well. I really like B&W and her new work is no exception. I'm excited to see where it goes.                             Really great stuff. Excited to see more.     On another note entirely... our freedoms here are taken largely for granted, yet put in acute perspective we watch those in Tunisia and Egypt. Everyday I try to be mindful of our freedoms and thankful for our life here. I have tremendous empathy for those fighting for freedoms. I hope that peace forms the foundation of the future and change for a positive future drives the course.     More to come..