Top 10 Albums from I.U. • Happy New Year!

Hey check it out, it's finally done! So this 2010 top ten list is a long time coming but it's nothing to do with me being slow on the draw or anything…haha..ahah…ha…sigh… Anyway, I announced working on this weeks ago but…um…yeah…it is here, done and happy to share... which is the important bit.

About the list….this is mine. It's not a list to include one type of music over another or a list about the longevity of any particular album or even a list composed of what's hot on the radio/pub speakers/hipster-livngroom-across-the-street-dance-floor.

It's the music that fell across the desk of I.U.. Like the late summer sun on the cracks of a sidewalk (poetic right? how could you not like this list already). It's the music I turned to the most of 2010. It's the music I have listened to intensity and wanted to listen to intensely at any given moment in 2010. Mellow moments. Emotional moments. Or every morning for the last 3 months. It's probably here.

So if you're reading the list and say, "well, I don't see Robyn, Body Talk on here…" It's because it's a list of 10 and couldn't fit it. And if consequently say, "where's Kanye West?" and then even more consequently say "Well, he must not be into music…" I say your probably better off with a different list…there's a million of them out there. This isn't your usual list. I mean three of the albums are ambient. So there you go. And on that note, thanks for reading in 2010! Thanks for taking notice of the odds and ends that make it here. And as always, if you want to throw something up here - art, music, or otherwise - just let me know and I'll happily write about it. But without any further hype, the list:     I.U.'s Top Ten Albums of 2010

10. Dwain Martin - Just Now

This first one is worth a look in 2011. A folk album to the heart and has a lot of heart to give. Straight from the Northern bit of Michigan (not the Upper Peninsula, that's a bit too North) it recently hit the airwaves. So if your into the local folk vibe you'll dig this.     9. The Forcast - The Forcast

It's true, I'm a huge Dashboard Confessional fan. Yeah. I said it. Most grown men would never admit to anything of such nature but the truth is, I'm not a grown man and we all go though tough emotional times… sometimes melodramatic emo rock is just what you need. Since there wasn't a Dashboard release this year (although I did rock out quite a bit to last years release in the recent months) The Forcast was a pretty solid emo rock album for me.     8. The Scissor Sisters - Night Work

It's a solid dance album. I totally dig it. The Robert Mapplethorpe album cover is a nice touch too. If you're not into dance music then it's best you don't youtube "Fire with Fire."

Never mind...I just did for you...

    7. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals IV/V

For those of you who know me you might be shocked that I didn't put Ryan Adams at #1 simply because. I mean, last year I put Ryan Adams at #1 because iTunes had a wrong release date and so I bent my list just to accommodate that. This time though I've cooled off just a bit…not so quick to put it at #1 because Ryan Adam can do no wrong, which he can't. And don't get me wrong I totally dig the album and I love the sound but it honestly hasn't been my go to album. This list is all about the albums I've run to the most. It's not a list of favs. If it was a list of favoriets, Ryan Adams"Love is Hell" would be at #1 or 2 or anything in the top ten, always. So with that said, I don't say… wake up to Ryan Adams. Nor do I tend to put it on when I am editing. Which isn't to say I don't dig it, it's just I've been a bit more selective about when I take my Ryan Adams. I'm sure it's going to resurface with enthusiasm come summer. Anyway, I do dig it. You should listen too.     6. Guster - Easy Wonderful

I'm a huge Guster fan. Massive. But I've been on such a huge ambient music vibe lately that I haven't managed to get into much other than "The Sight Below" and "BVDub" which isn't to say I haven't been loving' easy wonderful, it simply hasn't been my go to album in the latter stages of the year. Espcially considering how much I listened to "Lost and Gone Forever." But I suppose when summer rolls around I'm sure "Easy Wonderful" will blare from the car stereo.     5. Hammock - Chasing After Ghosts & Shadows

All you need to do is watch this and you'll understand why it's on the list and if you watched "Fire with Fire" you better spend the time to watch this, it's simply beautiful...

Hammock - Breathturn from David Altobelli on Vimeo.

    4. Alaska - The Mesozoic Era

While drum and bass is usually a miss, this album is nice. I am fan of lots of variations of techno and trance but drum and bass usually never leaves a lasting impact. This album on the other hand sits just right. I enjoy the subtle blending of spoken word and piano mixed in on several of the tracks. Good stuff.     3. Blaudzun - Seadrift Soundmachine

This album is fantastic. Simply a great mix of folk and rock. The sound originates from the mind of Johannes Sigmond and as far as I know, he's only big in Europe. Or at least the Netherlands where he's from. Everyone I mention his name to usually returns the standard, "Who?" Which is sad because his music is worth a listen for sure.

These are nice:         2. Bvdub - The Art of Dying Alone

I love the cyclical cycles of this music. A true ambient joy to listen to. But if your not a fan of drone-meets-ambient then you should stay away. Anyone not into that type of mix is probably set to go mad. I on the other hand, I'm weird and totally dig that sort of sound.     1. The Sight Below - It All Falls Apart

I can't get enough of this album. There are two tracks that I really dislike on the album unlike Blaudzun or The Ryan Adams album where everything pretty much sits right . "Burn me out from the Inside" and "New Dawn Fades" really are the least moving compositions on the album (the remain unchecked in iTunes). But I love love love "Through The Gaps In The Land" and "Stagger." Both those tracks are awesome. Anyway, more hardcore ambient music here, so if your looking for something a bit more upbeat then you'd be better off with well... something else. But I dig it and this is my list so everything is as it should.

Fin.       There it is everybody! Anybody want to share anything throw it my way too, I hope to bring back Music Fridays in 2011 so here's to that!

Have a Happy New Year's Eve and Have a wonderful start to the New Year!

Be safe out there!