Artist: Lisette DeBoisblanc + work in ATL

I have my computer back! That's the big news to start. And while I'm super behind at getting things out I thought I should note this real quick... a good friend of mine, Lisette DeBoisblanc, has a show up in the Atlanta Airport. I hear the work is in a great location and visiable with other work(s). So if your passing though make sure you keep an eye out. About the show: "The Airport Show: Big, bold, brash and beautiful! Come see the best of APG in an exhibition of large-scale work lighting up the Atrium Gallery at the Atlanta Airport. Jurored by Amy Miller, Executive Director of Atlanta Celebrates Photography."

Neat. And here is an excerpt about Lisette's work:

"When facing tragedy or complications, it is not uncommon for a person to seek help from a therapist to peel back the layers of the mind to overcome psychological barriers. Like a therapist, I am interested in how life experiences shape our being. This is not only physical appearances, but also our inner essence. Like a scientist, I turn to x-rays, which allow me to uncover secrets beneath the surface. By x-raying dolls I use the visual language of science to symbolize the human persona and bring it to two-dimensional form.

As a New Orleans native, five years ago I felt the tragedy of hurricane Katrina as my family was profoundly affected by the storm. We suffered not only by losing physical possessions, but we endured psychological damage as well. After finding my grandmother’s ruined doll collection, leftovers from her personal belongings, I began to x-ray them for documentation and curiosity. I am shocked with my findings; nails and pins pierced their bodies below the surface. Suddenly, the doll has an aura that is almost human, with internal workings that chronicle a life lived, an internal spirit, sometimes with strength, and others with a broken heart. I discovered that these x-rays reached beyond documentation and physical deterioration; for each, a story emerged, some sense out of my loss."

I have had the pleasure of looking at some of the work in person and looking at it over the web really doesn't do it justice. So if you are passing though ATL do make sure you keep an eye open. But in the case that your not, here's the web version:

Really amazing stuff. Anyway, fingers crossed there will be more stuff to come soon. Busy times on the other end of this screen...

Stay tuned...