Media Published: via Nick Hannes via Daylight Magazine

I'm Back! And again I've been working with Daylight Magazine to create a media segment for Nick Hannes titled "Red Journey" and features a selection of his images. The project itself is massive undertaking. It spans a tremendous amount of physical space and covers a multitude of cultural issues. I feel it's a extremely strong project and presents an important story. It was an again an honor to work with Daylight Magazine and Nick Hannes.

Here's a little excerpt from the site:

Belgian photographer Nick Hannes spent a year travelling through the fifteen former Soviet republics in search of traces of the past and signs of social transition. Red Journey uncovers the various ways in which former Soviet countries are trying to redefine their national identity after the disintegration of the communist imperium. Hannes shows a region of contrasts by photographing extreme wealth amid heart-rending poverty, unrestrained urban renewal that makes deprived neighbourhoods all the more visible, new dictator’s gilt cult images in a decor of faded glory.


I think it turned out great and I was happy to hear that it has been received well.

Again, like the last segment, I’m credited in the segment as “Multimedia Producer” and by movie credit standards I’m not acting as a producer. Yes, I am “producing it” and “actually making it” (sequencing it, adjusting everything that is associated with editing) but by movie, television standards I’m the producer but rather the editor. It’s an odd choice of words here but I am not the director (also in reference to it’s traditional definition, and also not used in it's most traditional form the credits, again, odd I know…). At the end of the day, I’m not in charge about how to word the credits. But I did edit this and I just wanted to note that. Also, I wanted to note that Dave Runyan was the audio engineer on the interview. I was given really rough interview audio and the fist thing I thought was, “this is unusable and needs to be worked over…” and without question thought of Dave. He’s top notch when it comes to audio so I went to him.

Also, I should say that I've been a terrible blogger as of lately but things have been insanely busy for me. Hopefully new posts and fun things will follow.