Published! (with many others) (via the Texas Woman's University)

So last year at the 46th Annual Society for Photographic Education National Conference in Dallas, Texas - the Texas Woman's University was putting together a book that called Booth 55. The book tackles the question, “How has your photographic education impacted the way you see the world in relation to the arts?” It apparently, " began with a vision to bring photography students together, each with a unique voice, to capture and express diverse viewpoints from universities throughout the United States..."

Which is a pretty cool idea in itself. The "Published" title of this post originates from the fact that I popped into Booth 55 to jot down my quote and have my head shot taken. Now that same quote (which I can't remember what I said) appears with the head shot in the Blurb, Booth 55 book website.

And, the book is arranged alphabetically - yours truly has an "Ab" last name so I lead the book with my quote and serious stare. Neat. If you remember stopping by Booth 55 you might want to check out the book on Blurb.

Booth 55

Anyway, more to come.